Video Crit Room

Friday, April 10, 2015: 10:30am - 12:00pm
Adams Ballroom (6F)

An expert panel of peer reviewers critiques recent museum video projects. Panelists include Jonathan Munar (ART21), Ian Forster (ART21) and Sarah Wambold (consultant).

Chair: Jonathan Munar, Art21, USA

Storytellers: Documentary-style video done well
- Sarah Wambold, Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Jonathan Munar, Art21, USA

Art Museums and YouTube: Current Practice and Potential Strategy
- Emily Robbins, SFMOMA, USA

Uganda Heritage Sites + Stories Trailer
- Michelle Sengara, York University, Canada, Mary Leigh Morbey, York University, Canada, Maureen Senoga, York University, Canada, Mary Pat O'Meara, York University, Canada

Multimedia & multi-perspective on the Audio Guide: The Met’s tour Viewpoints: Body Language
- Staci Hou, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Catherine Girardeau, Earprint Productions, USA