Uganda Heritage Sites + Stories Trailer

Video Crit
Michelle Sengara, York University, Canada, Mary Leigh Morbey, York University, Canada, Maureen Senoga, York University, Canada, Mary Pat O'Meara, York University, Canada

This submission is a short (4 minute) trailer for the Uganda Heritage Sites and Stories project involving York University and the Uganda National Museum. Audio and visuals were captured at a number of National heritage sites over the course of a 4 week period and videos were compiled to create a short teaser trailer. The content is in the process of being transformed into file formats that are compatible for both social media and low tech (SMS enabled, not Smartphone) cellular devices. The second stage of this project is to continue to compile footage of the Ugandan heritage sites, and ultimately to co-create (York University and the Uganda National Museum) an interactive social media platform available both locally and globally, that can be participatory in nature. This project aims to document and disseminate local stories to create better access to the heritage of Uganda, but to do so in such a way as participatory architectures are employed for a networked experience.