What makes an Online Museum Real? – Online Museums Working Group Session

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How do we distinguish between a) someone's fly-by-night website that shows pictures of their favorite things and b) a serious 'virtual' or 'online' museum? Members of a panel of experts will each have 10 sentences to answer this question and then we’ll throw the discussion open to all present. Why are we doing this? Because Congress will reauthorize the Museum and Library Services Act in 2016. The purpose of the Online Museums Working Group is to recommend wording for the new bill that will enable IMLS to make grants to purely digital museums without opening up the application process to every blog site and picture gallery on the web. The working group meets asynchronously at http://www.hcle.org/online_museum_working_group. You are invited to add your suggestions and comments at any time. After some progress has been made by the working group we will convene a smaller drafting committee to craft the wording we suggest for the upcoming legislation. The draft legislation will be passed back to the full working group for approval and/or revision. A final document will be offered to the correct Congressional Appropriation Committee for its consideration.

The goals of the session are to:
Define what is and is not an “Online Museum”.
Recommend wording for the new IMLS bill.
Meet, connect, and network with similar, though diverse, organizations.

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