MWX Colloquium: At the Intersection of the Academy and the Museum

Friday, April 10, 2015: 1:30pm - 3:50pm
Salon 12 (3F)

This combined, interactive forum will explore collaborative projects and new research in the digital humanities that serve as a bridge between academic and professional worlds.

This graduate studies consortium will provide an opportunity for graduate students to share and develop their research in a critical but supportive environment under the guidance of a panel of distinguished digital media and digital heritage professors and scholars.

Confirmed presenters:

– Alexa Beaman (MA Museum Studies, University of San Francisco), Evaluating Mobile at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

– Daniela De Angeli (Engineering Doctorate, Centre for Digital Entertainment, University of Bath and National Trust, UK), Museums in the Digital Age: Objects, Authenticity and Entertainment

– Leonardo M. De Araújo (Phd Candidate, DiMeB, Universität Bremen), Beyond browsing and searching: Design and development of a platform for supporting curatorial research and content creation

– Rebecca Hawcroft (PhD candidate, Digital Cultural Heritage, University of Canberra), Connecting collections: Place and digitized cultural heritage in a networked society

– Diana Marques (Smithsonian Fellow, PhD  Digital Media, UT Austin, University of Porto CoLab), Museums and Mobile Augmented Reality: the visitor experience in digitally enhanced exhibits

– Cait Reizman (MA candidate, Museum Studies, George Washington University), Personalizing the Museum: Smart Scripting with Location-Aware Technologies

– Jessica Roberts (PhD candidate, Learning Sciences, UIC), Designing Exhibit Interactivity to Support Group Exploration of Digital Data

– Charles Zange (MA Candidate, Museum Studies, George Washington University), Community makers, major museums, and the Keet s’aaxw: project research, notes, and open discussion

Chair: Vince Dziekan, Monash University, Australia

Building the Triple Helix: The Value of Brokered Digital Collaborations Between Museums, Academics and Companies
- Ross Parry, University of Leicester, UK, Richard Clay, University of Birmingham, UK, Lara RATNARAJA, University of Birmingham, UK, Johannah Latchem, University of Birmingham, England

How Do We Meet in the Middle?: an open discussion on scholarly research and entertainment platforms
- Elizabeth Galvin, The British Museum, UK, Shelley Mannion, The British Museum, UK, Devin Reese, Smithsonian Institution, USA, Dan Kulpinski, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, USA

Digital Heritage Consortium for Graduate Study
- Brinker Ferguson, CyArk, USA, Miriam Posner, University of California, Los Angeles, USA