Opening Keynote: Digital Emulsion: Articulating Form in Physical Space by Kimchi and Chips

Thursday, April 09, 2015: 9:00am - 10:00am
Grand Ballroom (4F)

Digital Emulsion: Articulating Form in Physical Space
Code has become the principal constructive material of our society, causing an increasing public literacy for the digital. There is an appetite for the immaterial properties of digital phenomena to transition into our physical device-less reality, creating new types of objects and environments in galleries and public spaces. Kimchi and Chips will discuss the approach of artists to articulate form in space, and the movement for a new mutable Digital Physical. They will also reveal the Digital Emulsion body of research, which exploits digital light as a semi-material to articulate digital visual mass into physical space, building a liquid suspension of the imaginary within the physical environment using digital light as a semi-material.

Kimchi and Chips
Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul based art and design studio founded by Elliot Woods (UK) and Mimi Son (South Korea). They are known for discovering novel interactions involving people and media materials, discovering new technical and artistic paradigms.   They formed in 2009 to combine the disciplines of code, form, material, concept and mechanism. They create installations and dialogues which have been exhibited on four continents. They create an emulsion of imagined reality within our physical world, in order to develop natural interactions between people, nature and the possibilities of the digital network.