Demonstrations 2

Thursday, April 09, 2015: 7:00pm - 7:50pm
Exhibit Hall (4F)

Presenters demonstrate their projects and case studies in booths in the Exhibit Hall. You have the better part of an hour to see them all, ask questions and discuss the demonstrations that catch your eye, and make new connections with leading practitioners in the field.

Presenting an Ongoing Augmented Reality App Project (Booth 1)
- Jonathan Amakawa, Fitchburg State University, USA

A Prescription to Suite Your Mood: J.M.W. Turner's Apothecary Mood-o-Meter (Booth 2)
- Jim Olson, Peabody Essex Museum, USA, Caroline Herr, Peabody Essex Museum, USA

ÉducArt – the online educational and collaborative resources of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: the Museum for everyone, everywhere and in every way! (Booth 3)
- Mathieu Thuot-Dubé, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada, Melanie Deveault, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada

Getting to know Vincent: best practices in creating a new multimedia tour experience for the Van Gogh Museum (Booth 5)
- Marthe de Vet, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands, Pieter 't Hart, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands

The Infinite Museum, an innovative digital platform to transform the museum visitor experience (Booth 4)
- Timothy Berg, Ball State University, USA, Erin Bretz, Ball State University, USA, Alyson Walbridge, Ball State University, USA, Kayla Gurganus, Ball State University, USA

Cooperative museum evolution System (Booth 6)
- Kiyoka Fushimi, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University, Japan, Yoshitaka Yabumoto, Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History, Japan, Seiya Ikemoto, National Museum of Nature & Science, Japan, Japan, Makoto Manabe, National Museum of Nature & Science, Japan, Japan

A new website approach for a monographic museum: focus on storytelling (Booth 7)
- Edith Schreurs, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands