Birds of a Feather Breakfast Roundtables

Saturday, April 11, 2015: 8:30am - 10:00am
Exhibit Hall (4F)

Join roundtable discussions on the topics proposed here, or start your own table for a breakfast of brainstorming, learning and sharing with experts in the field. Roundtable leaders will define the format and content of their sessions, and a small number of tables will be available during the morning session for ad hoc gatherings and discussions.

Women and Technology
- Emily Lytle-Painter, Independent, USA, Brinker Ferguson, CyArk, USA

The Transmedia Museum

Life After Social Media
- Miriam Newcomer, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF), USA, Sarah Bailey Hogarty, New Museum, USA, Victoria Portway, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, USA, Chad Weinard, Independent Consultant, USA

Technology myths in museums
- Susan Cairns, Baltimore Museum of Art, USA, Koven Smith, Koven J. Smith Consulting, USA

What makes an Online Museum Real? - Online Museums Working Group Session
- Liza Loop, LO*OP Center, Inc., USA, Liza Loop, LO*OP Center, Inc., USA, Tom Trimbath, History of Computing in Learning & Education, USA, Liza Loop, History of Computing in Learning and Education Virtual Museum, USA

Think Before You Tweet: Crafting a Social Media Policy
- Claire Gould, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, USA, Annie Lewis, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, USA

Brand strategy for museums: necessary evil or promising opportunities - brand and digital strategy for the National Military Museum, Netherlands
- Heleen Bronder, National Military Museum of the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Ebelien Pondaag, Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], The Netherlands, Paul Stork, Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], The Netherlands

The Research Bee: peer-to-peer, face-to-face advice on projects and publications
- Ross Parry, University of Leicester, UK

Going Off the Script - Lean Video Workflows for DIY Content Creation
- Ty Pierce, Ohio History Connection, USA

From Digital Engagement to IRL: Completely the Circle
- Jennifer Poleon, Columbus Museum of Art, USA

Writing Recipes for Tangible and Embodied Visit Experiences
- Massimo Zancanaro, FBK, Italy, Elena Not, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy, Daniela Petrelli, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Mark Marshall, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Taco van Dijk, Waag Society, The Netherlands, Martin Risseeuw, Waag Society, The Netherlands, Dick van Dijk, Waag Society, The Netherlands, Adriano Venturini, ECTRL SOLUTIONS SRL, Italy, Dario Cavada, eCTRL Solutions, ITALY, Thomas Kubitza, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Interactivity in a Linked World : The problem of interactivity within the virtual learning sector for outreach programs.
- Whitney Rogers, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, USA

The concept of “Me, We, Everyone”. How museums can integrate the online and offline, have powerful reach, and matter to everyone
- Barbara Wendt, bv02 Inc., Canada, Andrew Milne, bv02 Inc., Canada, Corey Timpson, Corey Timpson Design Inc.