Woofbert: Arts Education Through Immersive VR Technology

Exhibitor Briefing
Emily Blumenfeld, Woofbert, USA, Elizabeth Reede, Woofbert, Inc, USA

We will explore the Meso-American gallery at LACMA without ever leaving this conference center...

The Woofbert experience democratizes museum accessibility, because visitors are no longer limited by geography, socioeconomics, age, or physical condition. Wb collaborates with cultural heritage sites to truly expand their reach around the world via leading-edge digital technology. With a headset and a Wb subscription, anyone can access and discover the finest museums, architecture, and cultural sites from their classroom, workplace, or home.

Woofbert’s technology, content, and curriculum are all designed to offer a profoundly flexible and creative resource, for teachers as well individual learners, that supports and enables them to draw upon their own unique knowledge, interests, and passions. Woofbert enriches the experience of art education in a way that is inclusive, interactive, and ultimately transformative. It allows people to “go” anywhere their curiosity and creativity takes them.

Woofbert is an art-education media and technology company that utilizes proprietary software allowing users to virtually tour museums and major cultural sites from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device. Woofbert uses 3D laser scanning technology to make precise, high-resolution 3D models of a site’s interior space and the exhibitions on view. To view the model in VR, the user wears a head-mounted display, and that is when the Woofbert experience begins. The user is now immersed in the 3D model and able “walk through” a museum’s galleries or other cultural space. Importantly, Woofbert can “freeze time” by scanning temporary exhibitions as well as endangered cultural sites, making these experiences forever accessible to subscribers. It can also respond to ongoing curatorial changes inherent to institutional practice. We are currently seeking to build relationships with educational foundations to create new avenues for Woofbert’s application and reach.

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