Web as Public Space: Learning from Organizations without Physical Spaces

Professional Forum
Jonathan Munar, Art21, USA, Nora Gomez, Public Art Fund, USA, Jared Quinton, Creative Time, USA, Caitlin Martin, Association for Public Art, USA

When an organization’s programming exists primarily beyond the walls of a permanent physical space, how does the role of digital media change? The missions of "spaceless" organizations are often very similar to those of physical museums: to make art and culture accessible; to inspire and educate audiences; to introduce opportunities for audiences to interact with art and culture; and so on. While there exists a parallel with the typical museum setting, the paradigm shifts when the concept of a permanent space is not a factor. How does one make art accessible to passive audiences in public spaces? How do you engage an audience of non-museum-goers? What does “getting people through the door” mean when there is no traditional door?

In this discussion, members of four "spaceless" nonprofits will discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of working outside of a permanent physical space. Each of the represented organizations produces programs for a diverse array of public sites, such as: permanent public spaces; temporary spaces; spaces that do not typically host art programming; and broadcast television.