Visible From Space

Paul Catanese, Columbia College Chicago, USA

Visible from space (2009-present) is a body of artworks erupting from a thought experiment to create drawings on Earth so large they would be visible from the moon. Given that the stroke width of the line would need to be sixty miles wide for viewing with the naked eye from that distance, this notion serves as a point of departure for speculative actions exploring vision, scale, and drawing in the expanded field. Outcomes include video, prints, installation, projection, handmade paper, artist’s books, found objects, field notes, interviews and site-specific events. The presentation will focus on recent outcomes using drones and blimps to observe and/or create 'viewed from the moon' drawings in the field (deserts), studio, and gallery.

Key (Book) References: William L. Fox - Aeriality: On the World From Above; Jon Ippolito & Richard Rinehart - Re-Collection; Illusions in Motion - Erkki Huhtamo; Gwen Allen - Artists' Magazines; The Paradoxical Object - Joan Truckenbrod; Wilfred Thesiger – Arabian Sands; Edward Abbey – Desert Solitaire. Key (Artist) References: Laurie Anderson; Roman Signer; James Turrell; Thomas Van Sant; Bruce Nauman; Ezra Orion