Using Open Source software and Off The Shelf hardware for batched image processing and automated background removal

How-to Session
Simon Harris, British Geological Survey, UK

Many of us need to process images in our museum work. Furthermore, many of the tasks we need to do are routine and repetitive, for example, resizing, cropping or sharpening. This how-to session will show you how you can use almost any computer to free up time and processor power to run these tasks as automated batches to free up time and processor power for other tasks.

We will use examples from the GB 3D Type Fossils Online Project. Many thousands of images were processed for this project, and in common with many imaging projects, had to be delivered in several different formats and resolutions. After initially using commercial image editing software for the process, which tied up a machine for several hours at a time, simple scripts were developed which could run in the background on any machine, making our process faster and much easier.

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