Urbs en Horto: Aquaponics, Technology, and Applied Science in Chicago

Abraham Ritchie, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, USA

Urbs en Horto, meaning "City in a Garden," is one of Chicago's historic mottos and has recently taken on new meaning and significance. The Plant Chicago and Sweetwater Foundation are two innovative Chicago organizations that engage and combine technology, cross-disciplinary learning, architecture, and urban planning and design. Tour attendees will visit the two organizations across multiple sites in Chicago to view how technology is enabling new learning and business models, how technology is providing a very practical and immediate application of science including STEM-related concepts, and how these organizations are hoping to change the fabric of the city through their projects and organizations. We may not rise as early as the farmers, but we will use the morning to see the Plant Chicago and how this dynamic organization is creating opportunities for businesses and plants to flourish and students to learn through an ambitious implementation of green technology with the ultimate goal of becoming a net-zero energy building and business. Then it's lunch* with the Sweetwater Foundation and off to see their urban agriculture sites both indoors and outdoors, at their farm within the city limits and at their indoor aquaponics facility housed in what once was a shoe factory. At both locations we will experience how these organizations hope to positively impact their neighborhoods.

*Possible additional costs, TBD.

Proposed partner organization websites: