The Social Museum: Bridging the Gap Between Institutional Practice and Social Presence

Lightning Talk
Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Frye Art Museum, USA, Jeffrey Hirsch, Frye Art Museum, USA

It’s that thing where a museum invites the public to ♥ paintings in its permanent collection and those paintings end up in an exhibition.

This fall, the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, WA, crowd-sourced the curation of its #SocialMedium exhibition (October 4, 2014-January4, 2015), offering the public a voice to bridge the gap between a museum’s social identity and its institutional priorities.

This project disrupted curatorial practice and opened the Museum’s Founding Collection to online commentary. In the interest of increasing access and recontextualizing a collection, social media is a risky way to promote public investment in a museum.

#SocialMedium posted images of the 232 Frye Founding Collection paintings across four prominent social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr) and created a microsite as a hub for voting. Following one week of marketing there were two weeks of voting: 17,601 votes were cast by the 4,468 voters who crowd-curated through "Likes" and comments.

Examining challenges and opportunities of the #SocialMedium marketing (social, print, microsite), voting, installation, and continued engagement during the exhibition, this talk offers a case study of one Museum letting loose the reins in the wide-open global network. URL to IRL, what happens next you won't believe.

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