The Nine Hats of Community Management

Lauren Vargas, Harvard Extension School, USA

Community managers wear a plethora of hats these days, from community ambassador to storyteller and back again. There is no one job responsibility or hat. Each organization has to find the right mix and balance of hats a community manager must wear, but don’t be mistaken…one hat does not define the species. Similar to a chameleon, a community manager does not change colors or hats to blend in, but as an act of communication. During this workshop, this Mad Hatter will share how museums can learn from the tech industry and Fortune 50 organizations to build an engaged digital ecosystem. Whether you are social savvy or new to online community engagement, you will leave this workshop with the resources and actionable steps to build a solid community management strategy with governance foundation of policy, process, and internal training components.

By day, Lauren Vargas is the Head (Mad Hatter) of Social Media and Community for a Fortune 50 company and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. By night, she is an insomniac devouring dystopian fiction. And somewhere in a parallel universe, Vargas found a way to stop time and graduated from Harvard in May 2014 with a Masters of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies and is a digital + community management consultant for museums.

References: Vargas is a well-known community management speaker. Previous speaking roles in the past year have included SxSW community management building workshop, Dreamforce, Connections 2014 keynote speaker, Brand Summit, and Solo PR Summit.