The new Museo Nacional del Prado website: a (semantic) challenge

Javier Pantoja, Museo Nacional del Prado, Spain

The experience gained over these past years has clearly revealed that the Prado’s collection must be the core of the new website rather than simply one section to be consulted within it. This conviction that the content, information and the generated, available documentation possessed by the Museum on its collections is the keystone to this new website led us to seek out new strategies and uses adapted to current requirements, both those of the Museum and its users. A new Prado Museum website using faceted search engines, generation of contexts and recommendation systems for other content (both self-generated and external), and the linkup of the Museum’s documentary database available on the website with databases of other cultural and museum institutions that add value to our content, with the aim that in the mid-term our dataset should form part of the LOPD

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