Stroly; Exploring your city with historic and illustrated maps, using contemporary mobile technology

Harry Vermeulen, Advanced Telecommunications Research, Japan

Using our new historic and illustrated maps platform "Stroly", we will teach the participants of our workshop how to scan and upload their historic and illustrated maps and prepare them for use with contemporary mobile technology, as well as experience the historic maps of Chicago while walking around the city with GPS enabled maps and rich landmark information.

We've been able to recover many beautiful maps out of the archives in museums, libraries and city offices in Japan and other parts of the world, and use them in the field with interested citizens to explore the history of their city using historic maps right on their mobile devices. After preparing the maps for mobile use, the citizens can easily see their current position using GPS technology and explore the history of their city while walking around using beautiful historic and illustrated maps. Using the expertise of the museum’s researchers and city historians, we’ve brought the history of many cities and it’s large collection of amazing maps back into the public interest.

We will prepare and bring several maps to be used during the workshop and encourage you to bring your own maps from your collection to add a more personal touch. We will set you up with a free account on the Stroly website and help you with the first steps to digitize your content. We will teach you how to prepare your scanned maps for use with GPS technology and get you started with a collection of landmarks to introduce points of interest to your user base.

Videos of the walking events we've organized in Japan using historic maps and mobile devices are available here:

An introduction video for our new online service is available on (for now, only in Japanese)