Speaking Glass- The What, How, and KPOW! of Making a Tour with Google Glass at the De Young Museum.

Exhibitor Briefing
Sofie Andersen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Christine Murray, Antenna International, USA

Google Glass creates a magical hands-free, media-rich experience with nothing standing between you and a work of art. No headphones, no buttons to push, no “looking away from the art." But there’s a potential flip side. In designing a Glass experience, how do you decide what content to include? And trickier yet, when exactly should it pop up?

The goal is…grace. Some alchemical choreography of deft writing, compelling audio, intuitive technology, rich images, and contextual information that seems to appear before you even know you need it, and then disappears just when you want to go back to a private moment.

Come listen to Christine Murray, Antenna International's producer of the first Google Glass tour for a major art museum exhibition, take you on a 7-minute journey of the What, How and KPOW! of creating content for Keith Haring: The Political Line as experienced through Google Glass

This Lightening Talk and associated blog entry will be informed by survey findings and focus group evaluations of the Google Glass experience, however our focus in the live talk will be on sharing valuable learnings as content strategists, designers and producers. Christine Murray will share her experience of creating the content for the first tour built on both Google Glass and the special considerations for this new technology compared with a traditional screen-based or audio only device. We are also are building on the significant discussions and speculation in the field, including at previous MW talks -http://mw2014.museumsandtheweb.com/proposals/google-glass-wearable-technology-and-the-future-of-museums/, features discussing the educational value and application of Glass in the NMC 2013 Higher Education Horizon Report. We will tell the story of our first hand Glass experience in an engaging manner, as well as the highlighting the unique challenges and questions that arose in the process to share with the field.