Spatially Literate Digital Experiences

Exhibitor Briefing
Nathan Moody, Stimulant, USA, Nathan Moody, Stimulant, USA

The plummeting expense of digital technologies can cause a museum to install a touchwall, kiosk, or other digital interactive just to follow others' examples. This puts the museum at risk of damaging its brands, reducing engagement, and of course not justify return on investment. It takes a new way of thinking to integrate digital experiences into the museum that feels deeply integrated, contextually appropriate, uniquely site-specific, and topically congruous. How can digital experiences be elevated above putting a website on a kiosk? Or requiring personal devices to create a mediated experience between viewer and the artwork, message, or core idea? Nathan Moody, design director of Stimulant, will outline examples, best practices, and actionable tactics for thinking holistically about digital experiences in museums, and how to make the right decisions to make digital installations flexible, adaptive, reactive, long-lived, and relevant to the visitor.