Social Advertising: From Facebook to Yelp to the Next Big Thing

Maren Dougherty, San Diego Convention Center, USA

The rapidly evolving social media landscape continues to bring new opportunities for marketing professionals and those charged with supporting their museum marketing teams. Each new approach to monetization that we detest from a personal standpoint is every advertiser’s dream.

Through this workshop, participants will learn how to maximize advertising opportunities on social platforms to achieve marketing goals.

This interactive, half-day workshop will cover:
--Strategies for creating engaging and effective ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks
--Nuances of various platforms (i.e., when is search engine marketing a better approach for your target audience?)
--Ways of integrating social advertising with other pieces of a marketing plan, including e-mail messaging, direct mail, online ticketing, and media relations
--Opportunities for strengthening a museum brand and its community through online review sites
--Best practices for evaluating and optimizing campaigns
--Advertising jargon, pricing, and reports

The session will conclude with time for participants to raise questions and share experiences related to any aspects of online marketing and communications.