Sharing Innovation Through Visual Thinking and Design Management Tools

Elizabeth Martin-Calder, MartinCalder Productions, USA

Everyday, leaders, strategist, curators, marketers and designers come together to explore ideas and find solutions for creating programs and media that unites a museum’s vision and brand.

Doodling, diagraming, mind and problem mapping —all offer visual thinking frameworks for working alone or as part of a team in conceptualizing and monitoring best outcomes for people and projects.

During this innovative workshop, attendees will be introduced to a variety of current visual thinking systems and the outcomes they foster as well as the digital management tools needed to collaborate, track and monitor progress such as Trello, Xmind and
The final activity allows participants to apply one of the covered approaches to their own work situations.
Attendees will learn:
How to be more innovative through visual thinking
How to express ideas and instill collaboration
Problem solving skills and how to create action plans
The online collaborative programs and monitoring systems available to take ideas from the drawing board to reality
Elizabeth Martin-Calder of MartinCalder Productions provides organizational and strategic development, fostering innovative ideas and design solutions for cultural brand experiences.

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