Provocations and iPad sketches: MCA Australia’s in-gallery visitor response strategy

Lightning Talk
Tristan Deratz, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Australia

How does an artwork make you feel? It makes me feel pink and purple, like a wavy line!

Contemporary art is challenging and, at its best, draws out unutterable sensations when we experience it.

We often lack the words to describe these feelings, and so, in November 2014, MCA Australia – an institution dedicated to displaying and collecting contemporary art – launched an in-gallery digital experience that presented provocative questions to visitors and allowed them to respond through sketches, text, video and images.

'MCA Articulate', is an iPad based system designed to not only collect user responses but moderate and share that content across other platforms, including the MCA's mobile experience.

This Lightning Talk will cover the successes and pitfalls of the 'MCA Articulate' project, opening a frank discussion with participants about implementing this visitor response strategy.