Project Managing Your Mobile Project

Monika Smyczek, CultureConnect, USA, Samantha Diamond, CultureConnect, USA

Mobile technology is no longer the future - it's the now. Museums across the country are looking to take their next steps toward mobile, whether it's a custom-built experience or an off-the-shelf product configured to meet their visitors' needs. But with every mobile project come numerous risks. Tight budgets, aggressive timelines, stakeholders scattered across states and countries, content spread across disparate departments - these constraints can all contribute to negative project outcomes if they are not managed properly. This session will equip you with the tools necessary to manage your organization's mobile project, even if you're a non-technical team member and have never managed a technology project before.

Goals of the workshop:
1. Walk through each phase of a real mobile technology project.
2. Learn how to anticipate and mitigate risks inherent in mobile technology projects.
3. Understand metrics for success and how to collect them.
4. Create an actionable plan for your organization's mobile project.