Bluetooth Beacons for Indoor Location (Booth 4)

Jonny Brownbill, Museum Victoria, Australia, Scott Brewer, Art Processors, USA, Glen Barnes, Authentic , New Zealand

Users of mobile technology have high expectations around how their deceives can help them navigate and make sense of the world as they move about their daily lives. Key to their effectiveness is a location context to sort and filter and surface relevant content. The commercial and retail sector has long relied on this context-awareness to aid their customers’ discovery of products and service. But what about museums? How are we meeting these basic expectations of our visitors?

This forum brings together research and experts who are leading the way in implementing new approaches to indoor navigation and content delivery. The emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons has provided a simple, cheap tool for us to work with.

You’ll hear about projects using beacons to locate visitors as well as new ideas and plans for extending the concept even further. The panel brings together two vendors and two museum practitioners who will guide the attendees through ideas and issues and offer some guidance and insights based on real-world applications.