‘My grandma had the same dog’ – Camera-based & Visual Feedback in human-centered Design Processes

Johanna Barnbeck, Rijksmuseum & University of Amsterdam , The Netherlands

This half-day workshop provides an overview of camera-based methodology for visual feedback in human-centered design processes and lets the participants test one of the methods in order to learn how to use the insight in their museum settings.

As a powerful tool i.e. a topic-free User Camera Study gives the visitors the opportunity to visually express themselves additionally to the oral interview, and highlight aspects in a more direct way. The use of digital devices are shown from a point-of-view perspective rather than based on their narratives or observations by the observer.

The Augmenting Masterpieces project at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam highlights how visual feedback methodology makes it possible to bring out various social dimensions of a museum visit from a visitor's perspective, independently of their cultural capital. Insights were taken as the basis for developing an interface that allows the visitors to relax and be distracted from their a feeling of socially layered awkwardness.
In the broader context of visitor photography we will address how to assess whether a technology is the right one for your museum. How to start out with a visual feedback loop and setting up a strategy for digital interfaces in your museum.

'Augmenting Masterpieces' explores visitors' experiences and the social dimensions of a visit to the Rijksmuseum. It translates the findings into an interface which lets the visitor interact with both the physical and the digital collection. Through embedded and artistic research methods the project reduces the gap between academic research and creative production. Its results manifest in a prototype, academic articles and this multi-medial presentation.
See also enclosed link for a full-length case study http://www.augmentingmasterpieces.nl

Articles about the project
Mitroff Silver, Dana "Using design thinking to connect the physical and digital at the Rijksmuseum", 25.09.2014,