Exhibitor Briefing
Ilaria D'Uva, D'Uva, Italy

MuseumShare is a shared platform for content creation, distribution, and social sharing, with a series of in-person activities to help make cultural heritage more engaging, social and community-based.

On the surface, the app permits museums to freely upload entries about artworks, enriched with various media, while users can photograph, share and comment on the artworks. Behind this structure is a powerful backend that uses open data, social API and statistical analysis to improve the museum-going experience through feedback both to the institution and to the user.

This talk will present the platform and its declinations and take a look at what kinds of statistical feedback one can receive from an app of this type, with specific examples.

MuseumShare is a CMS that:

• Set up itineraries and categories
• Upload images, audio tracks, video tracks and text
• Set up augmented reality
• Upload and geolocate a map with layers
• Customize the icons, the colors, etc.
• Name each track (in every language) and state its duration
• Add credits, join us, follow us, contact us, bookshop, parking, ticketing, other services…
• Upload one image or video for all languages

MuseumShare offers the data collection of

• Usage numbers
• Usage numbers / tour / language
• Most listened / less listened track
• Visitors / stop / language
• Stops cancelled/ language
• Time spent
• Top favorites
• Items shared
• Selfies shared
• Total instagrams