Mobile Application using 3D Models – Learning From Experience (Booth 6)

Alain Dupuy, InnoVision, France, Xavier Corre, Musee d'Histoire de Marseille, France

We presented last year at MW14 the quite innovative Mobile App of the Museum of History of Marseilles that was just made available to the public. This application is based on Augmented Reality using 3D models of the town reconstructed at various times in the far past.

We are now more than one year ahead, and we for sure have accumulated a lot of experience and returns of many kinds from the public, that we think useful to share with MW15 attendees.

Furthermore, we are now in the process of designing a new Mobile Application project, also based on 3D modeling of a town in ancient ages, this time for the Unesco Heritage Site of Atturaif, near Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. And we have a lot to share too, on how experience leads us.

This paper is thus about Augmented Reality and 3D models and about returns from the early users of various types, and about how we use this shared experience in a fantastic new project in Saudi Arabia.

The experience we got from the users is probably those one’s bound to get when one’s too much ahead of the uses of the users, whatsoever his efforts to anticipate their understanding, their reactions to unknown novelty, and their new behaviors. We do have on this topic a rich experience to share.

The new project in Atturaif near Riyadh deals with that very place where the “reform” was signed, meaning the creation of the First Sate of Saudi Arabia in 1744. The remains of that old town are being restored and preserved. We have been involved in the past in designing a vast multimedia installation along a progressive path to commemorate that ancient time. We are now adding a Mobile Application with 3D models of the town reconstructed at this date, and this application will interfere interactively with the fixed multimedia installation. We have a lot to tell and share too.

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