Managing Exponential Digital Content Growth

Exhibitor Briefing
Matthew Catino, Exablox, USA

As digital content in the form of documents and rich media such as images and video are being generated each day, the infrastructure and people resources devoted to manage these escalating digital assets are being stretched. Digital asset management solutions help streamline the complex workflow associated with content production, processing, repurposing, access and distribution. However, the simplification of digital asset lifecycle workflow, invariably, leads to higher velocity in digital data generation placing significant stress on the underlying storage infrastructure. Selecting the right storage infrastructure to deploy and scale your digital asset management environment is critical to containing costs and ensuring that end-user experience is not impacted. The presentation will cover Exablox solution and how it enables IT organizations within Museums to cost effectively manage digital assets. The presentation specifically will cover the following key benefits of Exablox solution:
* Taming data and storage capacity growth
* Dramatically simplifying the storage management
* Safeguarding most valuable digital assets