Manage and Measure Your Mobile Project – Best Practices Through Case Studies

Exhibitor Briefing
Samantha Diamond, CultureConnect, USA, Monika Smyczek, CultureConnect, USA, Samantha Diamond, CultureConnect, USA

Museums often struggle to implement mobile experiences, not only because of financial resources or staff time, but also the other areas of digital expertise that are required to execute a successful and meaningful mobile project. Success depends on a mobile strategy that includes optimizing content for mobile devices, designing for specific users, and going the last mile: distribution to the end user.

Samantha Diamond and Monika Smyczek from CultureConnect will present two case studies of museum partners who created their first mobile experiences: The New Orleans Museum of Art and the Preservation Resource Center in New Orleans. Through these case studies the audience will learn how to: appropriately set goals and scope, think through content strategy for a mobile specific experience, define user personas, distribute and market an app, and collect and interpret data on user engagement.

Topics covered in this How-To Session draw from a variety of well documented practices and research across several industries. We are applying this knowledge in the museum specific setting:

Government initiative on usability testing and user research
Agile Development
Lean Startup Methodology