Make visible dispersed and disappeared collections. The Invisible Museum : an AR 3D experience on smartphones and tablet computers.

Lightning Talk
Sébastien COTTE, reciproque / C3DC, France, François Forge, reciproque, France, Beatrice de_Chancel-Bardelot, Musée de Cluny , FRANCE , Camille Autran, UMR CNRS/MCC MAP, France

During the French Revolution, some of the artwork confiscated from religious institutions in Paris were consigned in a storage facility under the custody of Alexandre Lenoir. He decided to make it a museum.
With augmented reality, this museum closed in 1816 can now be visited event though the pieces have been dispersed or disappeared.
The proposal was simple. With Augment, a free AR application, and a smartphone or table computer, visitors scanned some targets (kakemono or posters describing an object) and discovered the 3D virtual recons of art pieces.

This project goals are to demonstrate how 3D digital technologies can enhance the museum experience and help to make visible for the public two French research projects :

“Culture 3D Cloud”: a Cloud Computing platform for 3D digitization, documentation, and preservation of cultural heritage, endorsed by the French government, and gathering cultural institutions (RMN, CMN, etc.), major research laboratories (CNRS, INRIA, MAP, etc.) and reputable commercial and technological partners (reciproque).
“Musée des Monuments Français 3D” : a database created by Louvre Museum, MAP (Architecture et Heritage Laboratory of CNRS and INHA (National Institute of History of Art) in order to gather 3D digitization and reconstructions of the work of art that were exposed in this disappeared museum
Thanks to a light and affordable apparatus, visitors magically discovered life-size disappeared or dismantled pieces of art. More than a simple gadget, the Invisible Museum was a new way for the institution which worked together to show and transmits the results of their research works.

Participate to a lightining talk at M&W2015 could permit us to increase the C3DC project visibility worldwide, exchange views with professionnals on it and create new business opportunities.

The Invisible Museum at the Forum d’Avignon@Paris, a video reportage by arte (a european cultural channel) :

The Invisible museum on Culture 3D Cloud website (translation in progress) :

The Invisible museum at Futur en Seine, Clic France :

“Musée des Monuments Français 3D” official website :

"reciproque" website :