Make, Show, Share… Again!

Tina Shah, Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Carolina Kaufman, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Patty Edmonson, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

Maker Faires have come out of the woodwork (no pun intended) and are more popular than ever. From knitting to building your own robots, these events blend technology and craft to bring communities together through the satisfaction of making. In this workshop, explore how museum educators and technologists can push the boundaries of this model to help visitors build connections to museums, putting collections and their many messages at the center. Learn how to create well-crafted, social meaning-making experiences that focus on the messages rather than the medium.

The Make, Show, Share… Again! workshop has been carefully planned and crafted to offer each participant the benefit of both an analog and digital toolkit. Participants will use QR code tattoos, card making, writing, sound modules, and webpages to construct the path to their ideally crafted message through works of art. Not only will there be a chance to make in analog and digital forms, but in the social form as well - friendships!

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