LOBS (Linked Open Butcher Shop) – Live event at the Art Institute of Chicago

Stefano Cossu, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Stefano Cossu, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, nikhil trivedi, Art Institute Chicago, USA, Tina Shah, Art Institute of Chicago, USA

This event is something between a hackfest and a crowdsourcing event, focusing on Linked Open Data. It targets tech-savvy people with or without special technical knowledge.

With over 80,000 web-published objects from all the corners of the world and from all ages of humanity, the AIC repository offers a great opportunity to play with an extensive collection of data.

The AIC will create a web application which pulls image and metadata from its Collections repository. Images of objects will be placed side by side, and users are prompted to create relationships between these objects. These relationships can be serious, arbitrary, whimsical, surreal, provocative or however you like. Users can choose from existing relationships or create their own relationships, which will be available to all other users in real time. Users are encouraged to go wild with their imagination and create an ontology that is as un-scholarly and un-scientific as possible.

The AIC will provide a room with desks, some workstations and a projector. Participants can connect to the web app on site via the Museum Wi-Fi.

This application will live beyond the live event: other users can join later and add more content for the whole duration of the conference. Eventually an interactive graph of all the relationships will be made available online.

Arrangements can be made to grant complimentary access to the Museum to MW participants.