Publishing and Managing Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage Institutions

Professional Forum
Stefano Cossu, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Michael Neault, Art Institute of Chicago , USA, nikhil trivedi, Art Institute Chicago, USA, David Wilcox, DuraSpace, Canada, Cristina Pattuelli, Pratt Institute, USA

There has been a lot of talking around the term Linked Open Data in recent years. Cultural heritage archives are arguably the most successful practical application of LOD; but sometimes adopting LOD or even understanding its advantages pose major challenges for institutions with an established structure and workflow.

This panel wants to bring together people with various levels of technical knowledge who are interested in listening, asking questions and intervening about why and how LOD can be used with Cultural Heritage information. The panelists will describe real world use cases and open source tools available to publish museum resources in the Semantic Web.

- Brief introduction to LOD
- Introduction to Fedora 4 (Andrew Woods, DuraSpace)
- Building a Digital Asset Management System for the AIC (Stefano Cossu, Nikhil Trivedi, The Art Institute of Chicago)
- The LinkedJazz project (Cristina Pattuelli, Associate Professor, Pratt Institute, New York; Matt Miller, New York Public Library, NYPL Labs)
- Q&A Session
- Conclusions

A previous MW presentation on the topic:;
Fedora 4, a powerful data repository that speaks RDF and Linked Data natively:;
Museums that expose their contents via APIs, some in Linked Data form: