Learning from the Pop-up: Exploring how pop-up experiences can infuse innovation in exhibitions

Liz Neely, American Alliance of Museums, USA

This paper is an investigation into how pop-up galleries, museums and quickly developed 'art events' can influence how museums ideate and develop exhibitions. The lower perceived risk within these ephemeral temporary presentations allows space for more out-of-the box, DIY, experimental approaches. A mash-up of pop-up ethos and traditional exhibition planning could help larger ‘serious’ museum presentations be more responsive to contemporary audience desires.

Pop up art loop (Chicago)

A Radical, Simple Formula for Pop-Up Museums
Museum 2.0, Nina Simon NOVEMBER 30, 2011

“Conversation and Community: An Exploratory Study of The Pop-Up Museum Concept”
Master’s thesis, Michelle Del Carlo 2011

The Pop-up Museum Blog by Michelle Del Carlo

Pop Up Museum initiative at Santa Cruz
(Nina Simon)
MAH initiative that helps visitors connect more deeply to museum artifacts. At Pop Up Museums, you can share your own artifacts and stories and learn more about the unique objects that our community holds dear.
Taking Risks: A Common Theme for the Winners of the
23rd Annual Excellence in Exhibition Competition
Rita Mukherjee Hoffstadt
Fall 2011

Curation as Risk-Taking
Symposium at the University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture
Co-organized by the Japan Foundation and the University of Tokyo
(Need to find documentation on this symposium)

Thinking About Exhibitions
By Bruce W. Ferguson, Reesa Greenberg, Sandy Nairne