How to session on Facets and techniques of Search in museum web sites

How-to Session
Rich Roth,, USA

A how-to session presenting different approaches of how search can enhance a museum web site.
It will discuss basic search functions provided by most CMS systems like wordpress, joomla, and drupal.
The different between basic word search and context search will be explained. Tools for context search will be reviewed, such as Lucene, solr and Elasticsearch. Finally, applying these techniques to collection search with be discussed. Each section will touch on both techniques and reasons to use such techniques.
References will be provided to direct implementation projects.

These page have some discussion of the approaches to be presented:
another paper here
My commercial operation is experienced with very large search: and example of which is here:
We developed many of the seach tools on this site.
A few examples of our work can be seen here: and entries -