History in 4D: Sharing Content and Community on Historypin

Jon Voss, Historypin, USA

Historypin (http://www.historypin.com) is a massive non-profit public history project with a global reach and local focus. With over 2,000 institutional partners and tens of thousands of individuals contributing, we're helping people build community around local history, sharing their location-based historical content and the stories and recollections behind them. Our free tools enable local historians, enthusiasts, artists, and others to put their own history on the map, and connect with others about their local history.

This half-day workshop will walk through the major features of the site and showcase innovative uses by museums and communities around the world; give a hands-on tutorial on pinning photos and customizing Profiles; illustrate how to embed your content on your own website; and provide an overview of how any size institution can utilize Historypin’s free collaborative education and community outreach programs. We'll be using a demonstration set of content, but any participants that bring digitized photos and logo/artwork will have their own Profile up and running in the workshop.

For more advanced users, outreach or education staff, and others, we'll dig into some of the evaluation strategies behind our projects, and look at how you can use these online and offline tools to help strengthen your local community while sharing your collections, and measure your impact to boot.