Going Off the Script – Lean Video Workflows for DIY Content Creation

Birds of a Feather
Ty Pierce, Ohio History Connection, USA

Video can be an enormous asset in engaging your audience and promoting your organization. While the need for video has increased exponentially in the past 10 years, the cost of producing professional video remains beyond the reach of many museums. With the right skills and workflows, however, museums can use iPads, DSLRs and other affordable tech to create great video.

The trick is to throw the idea of a formal script or production process in the trash and go off the script.

This lighting talk will go through lean production workflows that are applicable to any museum professional interested in creating video content for their institution with limited resources and experience. It will touch on the concepts of "scripting without scripting", "shooting to cover" and other production efficiencies gleaned from years of producing low-cost, high-quality video.