From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Communities: Creating Meaningful Scholarship Through Digital Collaboration

Jon Voss, Historypin, USA, Gabriel Wolfenstein, Stanford University, USA, Kerri Young, Historypin, USA

Published paper: From crowdsourcing to knowledge communities: Creating meaningful scholarship through digital collaboration

Over the last three years, Stanford University and Historypin have teamed up to pilot three projects aimed at testing how humanities researchers might use different types of crowdsourcing or community sourcing to further research, and to ask questions that would be difficult or impossible to answer in more traditional modes of inquiry. We found that not only will there be a much more collaborative future among academic humanists, memory institutions, and knowledge communities, but also that only through such collaborations can some of these questions can be explored.

In this paper, we share the details of the various projects and their outcomes, as well as a host of tools we found helpful in the process of identification, outreach, and collaboration with knowledge communities.