Experimenting in Technology with Minimal Expense (Booth 3)

Tasia Johnson, Seattle Art Museum, USA, Chirag Thakkar, Seattle Art Museum, USA

Unlike the significant financial investments and restrictive long-term contracts that come with getting the newest smartphone, innovation can happen at your institution on a budget. This professional forum will spark discussion of this topic through several recent projects at the Seattle Art Museum that have increased digital offerings for visitors: a social media-ready shareable Photo Booth; interactive tours, maps, and timelines; and a scalable loyalty program. From partnerships, to staffing, to technologic development, participants of this session will be able to apply strategies of these case study projects to explore new technologies at their own institutions, as well as know what to expect and avoid along the way. Without million-dollar budgets, museums can still invest in and stay relevant in an increasingly digital future.

This session will be led by cross-divisional SAM staff and include open discussion for all participants to share and learn from each other.