ÉducArt – the online educational and collaborative resources of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: the Museum for everyone, everywhere and in every way! (Booth 3)

Mathieu Thuot-Dubé, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada, Melanie Deveault, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada

ÉducArt is the online educational platform of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Through the works in its encyclopaedic collection, the Museum explores numerous subjects and social issues from various points of view, from art to science. ÉducArt is an ongoing collaborative project: in addition to the multidisciplinary content presented by the Museum, each subject is associated with a project co-created with a school and disseminated online. Through its out-of-the-box approach, operating in various scholastic disciplines, the Museum invites educators to appropriate the works of the collection by incorporating them into the school curriculum, from art to science. ÉducArt is an interactive world designed for a target audience of pupils aged 12 to 17, with a wealth of trajectories and resources for their teachers. Constructed in the form of a constellation, ÉducArt makes it possible to relate works to topics, actors from various backgrounds to school classes, the Museum to the school. The 3D deployment of the site mirrors the multiple viewpoints and aspects presented by the Museum through the works of its collection: ÉducArt is multidisciplinary, multifunctional and multidimensional.

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