Digital Educator Tools: Research and Application

Exhibitor Briefing
Samantha Diamond, CultureConnect, USA, Monika Smyczek, CultureConnect, USA, Samantha Diamond, CultureConnect, USA

The museum field trip is a powerful learning experience, an opportunity to cognitively engage and provide enrichment for students. Teacher involvement is a critical component to the success of a field trip, but many educators struggle to make the most of this time spent outside the classroom due to lack of preparation or access to resources. Museums may also struggle to meet diverse teacher and student needs and ensure that the experience ties back to classroom objectives.

Samantha Diamond and Monika Smyczek, principals at CultureConnect, will speak about their process for developing technology products that serve both museum and educator needs. They will share the results of their 50+ hours of user interviews and design workshops that informed product development. Samantha and Monika share the tools they worked with museums and teachers to create and share the results of their pilot programs with museum and teacher partners: 1) a smartphone gallery that allows teachers to preview what they will be viewing on their field trip. Easily updated and customized by the museum to serve a diversity of students. 2) an object oriented learning module, designed for a tablet, that is grade-appropriate and aligns to learning standards. Easily replicable across many objects or artworks in a collection.

Crystal Bridges Field Trip Study (main study line + related publications and interviews):

First person research and design workshops conducted by CultureConnect. Findings summarized in forthcoming white paper.