eCulture: Culturally enhanced Smart Cities Services

Birds of a Feather
Jens Bley, eCultureLab@HCU, HafenCity University, Hamburg, Germany

Culturally enhanced Smart Cities Services

To “unlock culture for all” is a widely shared vision in the cultural domain. Various stakeholders are in pursuit of enabling citizens to access culture in an active, participatory and non-discriminatory way. In this new context, recipients, producers and disseminators of cultural content are conceived of as cultural agents in a cultural network. But how can these diverse stakeholders or cultural agents cooperate from a municipal, cultural and commercial point of view? This presentation will highlight initiatives that build upon smart city models for the interaction and participation in the local, regional, inter-regional and pan-European cultural discourse. A special focus will be on the integration of cultural content into smart cities services, especially for tourists and citizens.