Cultivating a creative army: Dynamic processes for museum-based creative production

Birds of a Feather
Alex Parker, Consultant, Australia

The influx of creatives and tech wizards following non-traditional career paths straight into museum departments is on the rise. But where do these creatures come from, how do they affect team frameworks and how are you supposed to manage them? Could we finally be in an age where an artist can find creative satisfaction in their day job?

Drawing from experience as a filmmaker and creative producer working with Australian museums both internally and externally, this presentation will demystify the complexity and illustrate the potential of enticing creatives out of agencies and into Museums of all sizes, while also tapping into the creative potential of non-creative roles.

My work currently responds to the following publications:
Norris, L. & Rainey, T. (2014). Creativity in Museum Practice,
Manovich, L. (2008). “The practice of everyday (media) life.” In R. Frieling (ed.), The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now