Content, Still King: How to use content strategy, staffing and content management systems to ensure the long term success of your site

How-to Session
Katie Jennings, Fastspot, USA

With collections, libraries, archives and other assets, most museums launch websites with no shortage of content. Once live, it’s new content that keeps those sites fresh and effective. The unfortunate reality is that the creation and promotion of lively, engaging content is easier said than done. Experience shows us that few communications departments have the resources, strategy or tools readily on hand to ensure that there’s life in the site for the entire life of the site.

But it can be done. There are three critical pieces of the puzzle.

Content Strategy. The first step is creating a clear plan for the content on your site. Whether it’s video features, social content, blog posts or editorial content, you need a detailed inventory of the content that’s needed, how often, who’s going to create it, how it’s going to get onto your site, and how long it’ll stay there. We’ll talk about creating a content strategy that’s right for you and — more importantly — for your audiences.

Staffing. With a strategy in place, you’ll be ready to evaluate your team and other potential contributors to the site. You need to understand the skill sets that they bring to the website initiative (and their level of commitment to participating), and then match them to the content strategy. If there are gaps, we’ll look at how to address them.

CMS Structure. Content management systems can be powerful tools, but if they’re not configured properly, they can actually hinder more than they help. We’ll talk about how to structure your CMS so that content can be easily added, manipulated, and utilized throughout your website.

Rob Shenk, Senior Vice President of Visitor Engagement at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and Tracey Halvorsen, President and Chief Visionary Officer of Fastspot, will share their experience and advice on how to make sure that your approach to content can keep your website strong and robust, on launch day and for years to come.