Connecting Collection Objects from Museum Deposits and Curator Areas to the Web

Bernardo Uribe Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, José J. Martinez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, Henry Galindo, Universidad Santo Tomas, Colombia

Published paper: Connecting collection objects from museum deposits and reserve areas to the Web

The paper presents a work in the field of the visualization of museum collections in order to display the collections ‘live’ as a way to redesign the preservation areas of museum collections. To achieve this goal, it was set out to integrate several virtual-studio techniques with bi-directional communication multicasting in the web. The museums architecture were also reviewed to turn this sort of new built-in infrastructure into what could be a new typology, for museum Reserve and Curate areas. Dynamic lighting, MR J3D collision and other software tools were tested and adapted to the real time applications added to the object live navigation. The bi-directional man-object communication which has been developed is set forth in this paper as a simple way to implement the IOT (Internet of Things) in the museological context.

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