Branding & Anti-Branding: Lessons Learned from Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, MIT List Visual Arts Center, and the Phillips Collection

Exhibitor Briefing
Lindsey Vehlewald, TOKY Branding + Design, USA

Is your museum's brand identity attracting the audience you want, or inadvertently turning it away? Does a professionally-executed brand identity, as it is traditionally conceived, support or actually hinder engagement and fundraising among certain audiences? What are strategies to attract Millennials, and do those strategies repel Boomers and Gen X'ers? Does one present the 21st century museum as rooted in tradition or in innovation? How important is it — really — for museums to devote staff and funding to online communications? In a world dominated by ubiquitous online content, shattered attention spans and message fatigue, what are the paths museum directors can choose to convey their institutions' vital importance?

TOKY's authors will be pulling from our agency's 15+ years' experience and 45+ years' worth of professional experience in designing and branding successful identities for cultural institutions. We will cite our past work as well as notable identities from other agencies while focusing on observed trends across the industry - noting what works and what fell flat.