Big Bang Data

Lightning Talk
olga subiros, OLGA SUBIROS STUDIO, Spain

What it means to do a BETA Project (Beta as space and a state of mind. Beta version software is often kept in perpetual beta—where new features and functionality are continually added to the software without establishing a firm "final" reléase). How to turn an exhibition project to a Citizen Tool Kit to interpretate the real time changes of our world. How to deal with a “real time” and somehow invisible issue: the datification of the world in a post-Snowden era. How an exhibition project moves towards production: 70 projects shown and 70 activities in the exhibition space. How to engage universities to show their Big Data I+D projects.How to engage corporates to show their Big Data I+D projects. How to balance experience and interpretation. How to engage local comunities and collectives (datajams, urbanbeers, data journalism group, opendata hackathons, etc.). How to engage local city festivals (Loop-videoart festival, Off-visual art festival, Sonar-digital culture festival, Smart Citizen Congress, The International Big Data Week). How to engage general audience and schools. How to host an ongoing research, performace and commisioned works. How to use social networks to enhance and spread your project. How to manage the general budget to turn a temporary exhibition budget to a temporary institution project. (being a curator and also the designer of the exhibition and asuming fundrising tasks and networking challenges).

Mores than 15 years of expertise: