Beyond the bar code: New adventures in museum ticketing

Professional Forum
Ariana French, American Museum of Natural History, USA, Marc Check, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, USA, Meghan Curran, Shedd Aquarium, USA

Museum admission and digital ticketing, by its nature, doesn’t typically excite the imagination. At its best, purchasing a ticket is a swift, low-friction task, necessary for entering the museum. At its worst, it’s a bewildering and time-consuming chore that confounds even the most digital-savvy among us.

This forum will focus a dialogue along the intersection of where museums, business, user experience, and technology meet. A panel of museum professionals will share their “lessons learned” and discuss ticketing not as an e-commerce afterthought, but as an essential touch point for extending the museum experience. Attendees will find familiar technology and business challenges addressed from a leadership perspective, and come away with a deeper understanding of how the ticketing experience can enrich the museum visitor’s relationship with the museum.