An indepth look at Museum Victoria’s Love + Sorrow and Australian War Memorial’s mobile experiences

Exhibitor Briefing
Scott Brewer, Art Processors, USA

An in-depth look at two new mobile experiences in Australia, the first for Museum Victoria in Melbourne and the second for the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

For Museum Victoria a mobile application was developed to accompany the World War One themed Love and Sorrow exhibition. Focussed heavily on the way the war affected people from many varied backgrounds and the personal nature in which it did so, the mobile application is designed to be used onsite and provide additional layers of content allowing visitors to form a closer connection with the eight characters whose stories unfold throughout the space. Using Bluetooth LE for indoor position the mobile application informs visitors as they arrive at the articles associated with their chosen character and then acts as a trigger to deliver a character specific video at the end of the exhibition. The focus of the experience was to offer visitors the opportunity to download the mobile application onto their own devices (BYOD) and offer content that was uncovered as the visitor made their way throughout exhibition space.

Meanwhile, in Canberra for the Australian War Memorial, Art Processors developed a similarly location triggered mobile application for a World War One gallery. In this instance the focus was on in-house devices and the screen interaction was to be limited as much as possible. Starting by selecting their choice of tour from a video wall and transferring this to the device via a touchscreen table the visitor is then free to walk through the exhibition space and have audio streamed to them based on their location.

In this proposal Art Processors will look at the challenges, pitfalls and successes from each of the two projects, discussing elements from the concept stage through development, implementation and early feedback and statistics. It will aim to help other museums thinking about their own digital engagement projects and inform ways they can achieve greater success for their projects.