Art Institute of Chicago Tech Tour

Stefano Cossu, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Stefano Cossu, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA

In recent years, the AIC has developed several innovative applications to amplify museum experience and scholarly research within the galleries and beyond. Some of these projects include digital publications as part of the Online Scholarly Catalog Initiative (OSCI), a Museum Tours mobile app, and LaunchPad, a collections storytelling app available on stationary tablets and kiosks.

In-depth tours will be led by museum staff and project collaborators who will explain the goals and inner workings of these projects.

Layout of the tour:
- Visitors are encouraged to download the Tours app on their mobile devices ahead of time.
- Meet at the main entrance. A brief introduction to the Tours app will be given.
- A special tour for this visit will be set up which will take the visitors through some of the museum highlights.
- Jaharis Hall or European Decorative Arts: Introduction to the LaunchPad app
- 3rd floor galleries: Introduction to the “A Closer Look” app
- Meet in a designated space where some kiosks with interactive applications and other projects will be introduced:
- OSCI (Mme Clapisson + Ensor – 2 kiosks)
- Ensor Interactive
- Linked Visions app Beta Sneak Preview
- MakerBots (3D Printing)
The tour ends here but the visitors are encouraged to continue their exploration.