Advancing Digital Publishing with the OSCI Toolkit (Booth 1)

Kyle Jaebker, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA, Rita Troyer, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

The OSCI Toolkit was designed to make digital publishing easier for the cultural sector. With an emphasis on scholarly catalogues, features were integrated including citations, footnotes, and interactive figures. The toolkit was built on the open-source CMS Drupal and is itself an open-source project. With a grant from the Getty Foundation the Indianapolis Museum of Art, IMA Lab, continues to add new features and designs to the toolkit making it a more comprehensive toolset. This demonstration will take users on a tour of the features provided by the toolkit and give participants a through understanding of how it fits into existing publishing workflows. The toolkit also offers many opportunities for customization and extensibility. These features will be demonstrated to give institutions a sense for how the toolkit can be modified to meet the needs of their institution and their publishing goals. The toolkit can be used for prototyping publications to full multi-volume catalogues and this demonstration will make it clear how the toolkit can fit your institutions needs.